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CLASSES / Kid Program
Kid Program
Introducing your children to martial arts can be an excellent to teach discipline and critical life skills at an early
age. Although some parents are hesitant about having their child involved in martial arts, it is important to
understand that all martial arts are founded on self-respect, respect for others, hard work, patience, and mental
discipline. Self-defense is also an important skill to learn, along with respect for the safety and happiness of
others. Our Kids’ program is designed to encourage these beneficial aspects to give your child the chance to
unlock their integrity, confidence, and sense of teamwork.
Historically, martial arts have been viewed as a positive element in children’s lives and our talented team of
coaches and trainers has extensive experience working with the complex range of emotions and abilities of
children. We seek to urge perpetual self-improvement and strive to supply physical, spiritual, mental, and
emotional support for our young students.