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CLASSES / Strength & Conditioning
Training for Warriors
Whether you are looking to raise your personal performance as a combat athlete or simply lose fat and build
muscle, training for warriors is a carefully designed program that was originally used for top combat athletes.
However, the physical requirements and philosophy also represent a modifiable system for highly effective
workouts and improved self-esteem. This training system is used all around the world by professionals and
amateurs alike, as it delivers improved strength and endurance, speed training, resistance training, nutritional
guidance, and a positive motivational approach.
Our certified Training for Warriors team deeply understands the 12 guiding principles of the TFW system and
can help you unleash your own inner warrior while delivering measurable, impressive results.
CLASSES / Strength & Conditioning
With thousands of years of history and millions of practitioners in every corner of the glob, Yoga is a highly
respected form of physical and mental discipline from India. This holistic, low-impact physical art focuses on
breathing, movement, relaxation, and meditation to improve the mind, body, and spirit.
People pursue yoga practice for many different reasons: increasing strength, building muscle tone, physical
rehabilitation, stress relief, flexibility improvement, spiritual enlightenment, and many others. Whatever your
reason may be, our yogis are trained in multiple yoga disciplines and can help you achieve all of your yogic
CLASSES / Strength & Conditioning
CLASSES / Strength & Conditioning
Functional Training
Functional training has a wide appeal, as it utilizes real-life activities and movements to increase strength
through repetition, weight training, and flexibility improvements. Although some of the most common
applications of functional training are in physical rehabilitation, functional training is also valuable for
bodybuilding, as it often focuses on abdominal core and lower back strength.
By designing our functional training programs after everyday activities, we hone some of the most commonly
used and easily injured muscles, effectively boosting your overall health and wellness in a controlled and
targeted way. We’ll design your specific program based on your physical needs, previous injuries, perceived
weaknesses, and fitness goals to deliver the best possible results.
CLASSES / Strength & Conditioning
Mobility & Stability
In order to remain functional with every day activities such as walking up stairs, using a vacuum or putting something on a high shelf, addressing muscular balance and range of motion within the fitness routine, while also including low-intensity cardiovascular efforts is the main key point of Mobility & Stablity.
Mobility & Stability at Saigon Sports Club aims to improve the function of the entire body, using exercises that will challenge the stability of joints that are meant to be stable, while increasing the mobility of joints that are designed to be mobile. By using this method, injuries can be prevented and function improved (or restored).