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Designed and fully equipped to maximize your fitness goals, to upgrade your knowledge about martial art and fitness practicing and to suit all levels, Saigon Sports Club offers a total of 7000-square-metre open-air training area established as Asia's largest facility for martial arts and cross training based in Hô Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Some of the most important features of our cutting-edge facilities include the following:
   - POWERED by DOLLAMUR MAT, the global leader in the mat industry, our 400 sq. m2 matted area was customized to provide an integrated training experience, ranging from Martial Arts to General Fitness within a completely safe and certified space.
   - Massive Cross Training facility
   - US Boxing ring
   - MMA Cage
   - Heavy bags, speedbags, double-end bags 
   - Mini Olympic-sized Desjoyaux swimming pool
   - Fully equipped weight room
   - VIP PT room
   - Yoga, Spin and Group X studio
   - Juice and health bar
   - Open grill restaurant
   - Steam and Sauna
   - Spacious locker and changing room